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 Patentus in the media

A brief analysis of the Company takes into account the historical background as well as financial indexes obtained in recent years. Analyst presents perspectives and barriers to growth Patentus S.A. in the near term and condition of the Company on the background of competing with her subjects. Author of the text suggests that pay close attention to the chart Patentus in the coming weeks while maintaining a certain degree of caution.




Manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment reported significant increase in performance after the first half of the year
PATENTUS published a report for the first half of 2013, which shows significant improvement in the results of the Parent Company and whole Capital Group. PATENTUS recorded sales revenue in the amount of 38 140 thousand PLN, in relation to 29 403 thousand PLN a year earlier, which gives an increase of 29.7 percent. Also, the Company recorded an increase in operating profit and net profit, which amounted to 3 853 thousand PLN (yoy growth of 40.7 percent) and 3 300 thousand PLN (yoy growth of 31.6 percent), respectively.,1042801-Dobre-polrocze-Patentusa.html




PATENTUS Capital Group maintains the growth rate of financial results. In the first quarter of this year, gross sales revenues amounted to 24 330 thousand PLN and were higher by 23 percent than those achieved in the corresponding period of the previous year.,197653_1_0_0.html;201522;0.html




Backlog of orders of PATENTUS currently stands at about 55 million PLN and has a similar profitability on a year-to-year basis - said in an interview with PAP, Mr. Józef Duda President of the Management Board of PATENTUS S.A. He added, that the Company may start paying dividends in two years.,195319_1_0_1.html,2198670.html,7511,title,Skrot-wiadomosci-poniedzialek-15-kwietnia,wid,15497194,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=1106b9



PATENTUS, in consortium with two other companies, established a cooperation with Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. Signed agreement involves delivery of five new belt conveyors together with all the equipment to Krupiński Coal Mine belonging to JSW. Value of the whole order equals nearly 37 million PLN, of which PATENTUS will realize tasks for the amount of over 20 million PLN.,ponad_20_mln_zl_dla_patentusa_z_umowy_z_jsw,9950,1,1,1.html,przeglad_wiadomosci_ze_spolek_6_lutego_2013_r.html



- an interview dated 21st January 2013 with the President of the Management Board Józef Duda appeared on the page of,675533.html




- Patentus was among 70 companies in Poland, which received funding under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, Support for the first implementation of an invention.,188836_1_0_0.html




A list of companies which grant applications have been approved, includes companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange - among them is Patentus S.A. (7.59 million PLN).
Parkiet, 22.01.2013



The Management Board of the manufacturer of mining machinery, Patentus S.A. from Pszczyna, submitted a message that on Monday, it established a mortgage lien on the real estate of the Company.,972392-Hipoteka-na-nieruchomosci-Patentusa.html




The Company plans to diversify its activities by, inter alia, production of gears, which are used not only in the mining industry, but also in energetic, rail transport, motorization and offshore steel structures. Patentus applies for further EU funding. The last application for the implementation of the manufacturing process of conveyor has been made in mid-September. The Company plans to expand into east markets. Talks are already held in Russia and China, and soon the Company will send a delegation to India.
Parkiet, 10th October 2012


Patentus plans to enter Western Europe markets with its gears. With the potential of Patentus subsidiaries, the Company can offer products for top-end companies such as General Electric and Siemens. Patentus Stefa already supplies components to these companies, which increases its credibility in the market of steel structures. Production of gears, which apart from the mining industry, can be also applicable in many other areas of the economy, is one of the elements of gradual expansion of Patentus S.A.
Rzeczpospolita, 10th October 2012



"Ranking 500" - BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK Polska presents the ranking of 500 best companies in terms of revenue after the first quarter of 2012, Patentus was ranked  313th.


In 2010 and 2011, Patentus recorded a gradual increase in revenue at a lower profitability. In the opinion of the Management Board, this year will be better - net profit may rise even up to 6 million PLN. The company profits primarily on cooperation with Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa and Kompania Węglowa. Current value of the contracts is estimated to be 45 million PLN. In the second quarter, the company planned to build a production hall in Jankowice, but the project has been postponed to September. The new investment, which will last for about 6-7 months, will enable e.g. a production with higher margin and highly processed gears for mining machinery.

Source: Puls Biznesu, 11.06.2012


Patentus Capital Group has published its financial results for 2011. Sales revenues amounted to 97.6 million PLN, net profit amounted to nearly 3.9 million PLN, and operating profit reached a level of 4.6 million PLN. We kept the growth rate of financial results. It is due to the realized strategy of strengthening our position in the market for mining machinery and  equipment, but also due to the prosperity in the mining industry – says Józef Duda, the President of the Management Board of Patentus. Last year, the company expanded its capital group and made several investments in technology and infrastructure.

Source: Rzeczpospolita - portal, 22.03.2012

Company listed on WSE acquired 70.62 percent of shares for 1.87 million PLN. Montex from Będzin deals with the assembly of steel structures, industrial equipment and e.g. electrodes used in the energy sector. - A new entity in our capital group will enable us to increase the production potential and to expand the assortment. In addition, we will be able to produce important components on our own, where in the past we had to obtain them from external entities. This enables us to expect a higher growth of revenues from the whole group - said the President of the Management Board Józef Duda.

Source: Parkiet, 3.01.2011



In the first quarter of 2012, we have a chance to take over a Polish company. It is a small company, which reaches several million of revenue per year, but has a high production potential. It's in a difficult situation, and a time of crisis is a good opportunity for acquisitions, because you can buy cheaper. This is a company from steel and energy industry - said Józef Duda, the President of the Management Board of Patentus S.A.

Source: Parkiet, 15.12.2011

The Company recorded a growth in sales revenue by 40.98 percent, compared with the corresponding period of 2010. It amounted to 63 484 thousand PLN and is higher by 32 percent than in previous year. The Company plans further investments, like building a new factory producing gears to scraper and belt conveyors, which will also be applicable in non-mining sectors. Works on innovative technology are realized in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology. Patentus intends to invest in new projects the amount of 30 million PLN.

Source: Rzeczpospolita


Manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment Patentus S.A. recorded, in the first half of 2011, a revenue of 42.04 million PLN. It's 29 percent more than in the same period of 2010 - According to our estimates, next year Patentus Capital Group should generate annual revenues of more than 100 million PLN- said Józef Duda.

Source: Parkiet, 19.08.2011



Manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment has orders for 28 million PLN, it is 20 percent more than last year. In the coming months, we will see a increase in revenue. Next year, the capital group should generate 100 million PLN of sales revenues annually - estimated Józef Duda.

Source: Puls Biznesu, 27.07.2011



Brokerage House Trigon has analyzed 85 processing companies, which will benefit the most from lower prices of raw materials. Among those entities is Patentus S.A.

Source: Puls Biznesu, 4.07.2011


In place of fallen company Zakład Zespołów Mechanicznych in Stalowa Wola, a new company will be established. Part of the property was acquired by a company from the Upper Silesia, Patentus S.A. of Pszczyna which has registered here a new entity - Patentus Strefa S.A. - We assume that by the end of the year, the company will generate revenue of 6 million PLN - predicts Józef Duda.

Source: Echo Dnia Podkarpacie, 1.07.2011



Kopex plans to have 100 million PLN of net profit, Famur changed the strategy and places two companies on the stock exchange. Bumech enters a private mine "Silesia", and Patentus is building a capital group. - For many months, we’ve been keeping an eye on few entities from the market. The most cost-effective solution proved to be the establishment of a new company. We assume that by the end of the year, Patentus Strefa will reach a net profit of 500 thousand PLN - says Józef Duda.

Source: Parkiet, 27.06.2011



Patentus Strefa (owned by Patentus S.A., a company listed on WSE) bought from the Trustee in bankruptcy of HSW - Zakład Zespołów Mechanicznych in Stalowa Wola, a commercial property for 2.8 million PLN. They will produce in Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone.

Source: Super Nowości, 22.06.2011


Patentus Strefa and Federal-Mogul will employ 45 people and invest more than 78 million PLN in Gorzyce in Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. Patentus Strefa plans to build in sub-zone in Stalowa Wola, an industrial plant specializing in the construction of steel structures and conveyors. From the authorization granted by the IDA, we know  that the company will employ 30 people, and the declared value of the investment is 5 million PLN.

Source: Echo Dnia Podkarpacie, 20.06.2011


Patentus established a new subsidiary Patentus Strefa, which will operate in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. Will we move there part of its production, said CEO Józef Duda.,0,0,1,1,patentus-zarobi-w-tsse,tvn_cnbc.html

Source: „Rynki Dnia” TVN CNBC, 20.06.2011

Patentus Strefa plans to employ about 30 people and invest the amount of 5 million PLN in sub-zone in Stalowa Wola.

Source: Puls Biznesu, 20.06.2011



Sales revenue of the company specializing in the production of mining machinery and equipment amounted to 18 004 thousand PLN for the first quarter, gross profit amounted to 3 082 thousand PLN, and net profit to 1 322 thousand PLN, respectively.

Source: Rzeczpospolita, 17.05.2011