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Patentus Group history


2012 – commencement of several innovative projects subsidised with the amount in excess of PLN 2.5 million; incorporation of Monteks Company into Patentus Group

– commencement of the process of building of the Group by incorporation of Patentus Strefa S.A. subsidiary to supplement the service offer; commencement of manufacturing of complete gear transmissions

– PATENTUS S.A. made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

– Klub Gepardy Biznesu [Business Cheetah Club] honoured the Issuer in the 2nd edition of the Gepardy Biznesu [Business Cheetah] 2007 Contest in the category of the “Most Dynamic Company of the Silesian Province”

– PATENTUS S.A. received the prestigious Gazela Biznesu [Business Gazelle] 2006 title, which improved the Company’s recognisability and strengthened its position on the Polish market

– the Issuer was audited by GSI SLV Hannover and received the following certificates: DIN EN 729-2 regulating complete quality requirements for welding as well as DIN 18 800-7 regulating standard steel welding; both certificates remain valid until today. Also in 2003, the Issuer was found to meet the requirements of the 1st Group of Large Plants and, by the same token, became eligible to carry out welding works in line with PN – M – 69009 standards

– the Company was awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System quality certificate, which proves the high and repeatable quality of the offered products and services

– PATENTUS Spółka Akcyjna was incorporated, which has continued the operations of its predecessor and has shown strong development

– the Company became involved in the trade in receivables of coal companies, started the preparations for the inclusion of repairs of mining machines and devices into its offer and for the delivery of goods to hard coal mines of the Silesia region. The payroll was increased by two persons responsible for the financial accounting. In the same year, PATENTUS hired a manufacturing and repair company, which has provided its services until today

– commencement of the operation of Firma Usługowa PATENTUS. The name of the Company originates from the word “patent”, as initially it operated in the Industrial Property Right Protection area. The Company was represented by a single natural person