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   Mining Gearbox Catalog, August 2014


Patentus is a recognized supplier of mining machinery and equipment. In order to ensure the continuous development of its products, in the year 2011 the Company decided to expand its production offer by gearboxes. Following this decision, the Research and Development department was created as well as investment in modern processing equipment was made, which enabled the production of modern gearboxes.

A natural extension of the scope of operation of Patentus is offering maintenance services of mining drive units.
The Company has an experienced management team, designers, technologists and operators of machine tools. In product development, Patentus takes advantage of advanced specialized software tools to design and carry out strength analysis.


Gearbox presented in this catalogue works as reducers, that is, the rotational speed is smaller on the output shaft than the speed of the input shaft in the gearbox. These reducers are designed to drive mining machines with horizontal axis of the working element, but they can also be used in other industries such as metal, chemical, and metallurgy industry.

All essential elements of gearbox, such as bearings, gears, body and shafts are constructed in accordance with generally accepted methods of calculation, taking into account manufacturer's instructions and standard requirements.

The reducers can operate with foot or flange electric motors attached to reducer's body by means of clutch input. In all versions, the gearbox can be equipped with single-way clutches and cooling elements. Our gearbox complies with ATEX anti-explosion requirements (group
I category M2). Gearbox in made in the reversible system of operation. It is possible to develop and create customized solutions according to customer requirements based on the standard solution (e.g. changing gears and connection dimensions).



Simulation of gearbox body load

Body of horizontal reducers is made of cast iron or spheroidal iron with perpendicular division to the axis of the shafts. On request, gearbox can be welded. The bodies are machined on CNC machines, which allows for achieving high accuracy of performance, ensuring the required parallel and perpendicular arrangement of hole axes with regard to the reference surface.

All gears in the gearbox have teeth of involute contour and are made primarily of high-quality alloy steel; they are also subjected to heat treatment and thermo-chemical processing and polishing. Bevel wheels have helical curved teeth, cylindrical straight teeth or slanted teeth; the planetary level teeth are straight. Teeth are usually made in the 6th grade of accuracy according to PN-ISO 1328. Geometry and strength analyses are carried out according to the standards of PN-ISO 6336 and ISO 10300.

Installation of gears in the gearbox


The reducers contain bearings ensuring the transfer of loads specified in the catalogue. Hourly life of bearings used is in line with the assumed life of toothed components under required load conditions. Bearings used in the gearbox are produced by well-known manufacturers such as FAG, SKF and TIMKEN.

Lubrication of toothed elements and bearings is carried out using, usually, mineral oils in the splash-dip system. To lubricate bearings of a high-speed tapered shaft, a forced system with a centrifugal pump is used. In some versions of helical cylindrical reducers, bearings are lubricated with plastic grease.

Shafts, due to the high torsional and bending loads, are made of alloy steel reinforced thermally. Inlets on end pins of shafts are also reinforced thermally. The shaft is sealed with seal rings of such well-known companies such as Goetze, Simmrit and SKF. Accuracy of manufactured gearbox is checked each time quality control department in the Company. The check is carried out using a coordinate measuring machine and specialized measuring equipment.

The final reducer inspection is in form of tests with loads on the test station using advanced diagnostic equipment and a thermovision imaging camera.


Thermovision image of gearbox body



Patentus is currently executing an investment project aiming at offering cylindrical gears of increased operating life and bevel wheels manufactured using the innovative technology of vacuum carburizing.