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About us

Patentus is a recognised provider of machines and devices for the underground mining industry. We specialise in manufacturing and installation of high-performance, complete transport systems used, among others, in underground mines ensuring effective and safe work in tough mining and geological conditions. We offer comprehensive mining equipment, including longwall systems and beam stage loaders. We manufacture innovative drive units with particular focus on gear transmissions to be used in mining machines or as drive transmission elements in other industries, i.e. power industry, railroad engineering, heat engineering, etc. Our Research and Development Centre as well as the extensive Design Department allow us to constantly improve our solutions as well as introduce completely new products to our offer. We focus on gaining the competitive edge by introducing innovative solutions to the manufacturing process. We can easily manufacture large size and complex steel structures, such as drilling rig elements, structures for the offshore industry, hot air and exhaust ducts, pressure tanks and many others. Any equipment manufactured by the Patentus Group companies can be made based on original technological solutions and according to the documentation provided by our customers. Additionally, we provide a wide range of services rendered for external customers with the use of our extensive machinery stock, which is constantly upgraded and therefore improves the innovative nature of the products included in our portfolio.